Idk how I let shit like this end up on my dash. I unfollow people like this everyday. Take the “anarchi” prefix out of your URL please. 

am i preventing people from becoming Muslim? No. I’m not. So my political philosophy is not hindering or conflicting my disdain for the absurdity of Islam. It’s a silly religion. especially how they explain away christ, its childish

So it’s a sill religions especially because of the way they dispel Christianity? Sounds like your interests are conflicted.
If you had said its a silly religion because all religions are silly then I would agree. Instead you are pointing out the violence in Islam and ignoring the history of violence in Christianity.
Islam is not a violent religion.
Christianity is not a violent religion.
People are violent and they take advantage of belief systems that are already in place to recruit and justify their war against people they dislike.
If we are to judge all Muslims by the ISIL beheadings then we should judge all Christians by the crusades and all the hundreds of thousands of people killed in the name of conversion.

"Some people will never “get you.” Do not spend eternity asking why. People will see you differently, just cherish those who lift your soul." - Dodinsky (via psych-facts)
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Training Days !!
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Just finished this little 16 oz finish hammer.First claw hammer I’ve made and I’m pretty pleased. I don’t aim on making many of these, but maybe two more. Going to make a framing and a larger finish hammer for my father whose a carpenter.

Justin in the Solar Stove
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Forged a camp utensil set #forging #blacksmithing #handmade

Altitudes | by hipydeus

The Central Eastern Alps, also referred to as Austrian Alps 

PWS MK107 

Serious face while working on some sheaths for a serious @skallywagtactical blade. #kydex #skallywagtactical

American Kami Super Colubris by Soldier Systems