The rest of his life story is actually even more badass,

if you can believe it. After the war, Lucas went home and fulfilled his promise to his mother to finish school, attending his first day of Ninth Grade with his Medal of Honor around his neck. He finished college, went on a USO speaking tour, was married three times, survived his second wife’s attempt to hire a hitman to murder him (she hadn’t got the message from the Japanese that this guy was impervious to conventional weapons), and then, at age 40, decided to get over his fear of heights by enlisting in the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper. On his first training jump, both parachutes failed to open. As his team leader astutely pointed out, “Jack was the last one out of the plane and the first one on the ground.” He fell 3,500 feet through the air without a parachute. He attempted a badass commando roll just as he was about to splat on the earth Wile E. Coyote style. He not only lived, he walked away unscathed. Two weeks later, he was back in the plane on his second training jump. That one went better. Four years later he finished his tour as a Captain in the 82nd Airborne Division. His adventures in miraculously surviving death now complete, ran a successful business selling beef to people outside Washington, DC, wrote an appropriately-named autobiography titled Indestructible, met every president from Truman to Clinton, had his original Medal of Honor citation laid out in the hull of the USS Iwo Jima, and died in 2008 at the age of 80. From cancer, of all things

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Is this for real? Motherfucker survived a 3500 foot drop and people still don’t think superheroes are real

The real Captain America 

by Munroe Knives

A little teaser……….
I had a great adventure and I really pushed my gear to the limits.
Once I have edited the pictures I will share my story with you.
Stay safe,
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Humanize Palestine

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The U.S.S. Constitution is the oldest commissioned warship in the United States Navy (and the oldest commissioned warship in the world). The ship was launched in 1797 as one of the 6 original heavy frigates built by the United States government following the Naval Act of 1794. The ship was first used to protect U.S. merchant vessels during the Quasi War with France, as well as to defeat Muslim pirates off the coast of North Africa during the first Barbary War. 
During the War of 1812 the Constitution defeated the British Navy ships HMS Guerriere, Java, Pictou, Cyane and Levant in battle. During the battle with the Guerriere the Constitution earned its nickname “Old Ironsides” after sailors witnessed cannonballs bouncing off her hard oak side. 
The ship was built out of southern live oak from Georgia, and was constructed in Boston, MA. The ships copper work was done by Paul Revere, and its name was chosen by George Washington. 
The Constitution is now stationed at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston where it is manned by a full U.S. Navy crew. 

Anonymous said: Does the 4th cause trigger PTSD? I was watching fireworks tonight and I saw an airborne veteran (101st I think).. It occurred to me flashing lights and bangs aren't the best thing for ex soldiers.. What's your opinion on fireworks?

they aiit.  P.S. there is no such thing as ex Soldiers. 

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Anonymous said: i saw your post about 4th of july fireworks, and what does it mean be courteous with the fireworks to the veterans? im not from the usa and what have people done where veterans have to worry about fireworks

the sound just bring flash backs and shit as it sounds like incoming mortar, RPGs, rounds and whatever those fucktard shoot at us while deployed overseas 

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Anonymous said: I'm doing well too.... God I LOVE summer!! Good to know you're well.

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Anonymous said: I'm sorry if that comes off as nosy, but how come you spend so much time in refugee camps in your upbringing? I really enjoy your perspective on the conflict.

I was born and raised in that region, and came to the US after high school.  And thank you 

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